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Boat license

This boating license, which can be taken in Marseille, authorizes the navigation of motorboats, jet skis or jet skis, day and night, with a power of more than 6 HP within 6 miles of a shelter, i.e. about 12 km.

How does the training for the coastal option of the boat license take place in Marseille ?

The training for the coastal boat license in Marseille is divided into three parts:

> Theoretical courses of "code" take place in our premises, 23 Quai de Rive Neuve 13007 Marseille. 
   - Saturday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm or 
   - Monday to Wednesday from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm 
The courses are composed of a part of pure theory, as well as a part of practice in room where we study the chart and concrete cases of navigation. 

> The theoretical exam takes place during the week in the premises of the administration, DDTM of Marseille 9 avenue du Général Leclerc 13003 Marseille, opposite the Saint Charles train station. 
30 questions in the form of multiple choice questions, 5 errors maximum allowed. This exam lasts 20 minutes but will take you about an hour.

> The driving lessons take place on the water from the Vieux Port, during the week or on weekends. 
You must spend a minimum of 2 hours at the helm. Our courses are individual. Our boats are well maintained, with all the comforts you can expect (navigation instruments, GPS, VHF-DSC, depth sounder, closed and heated cabin in case of low temperature). 
There is no final exam, it is the trainer in the boat school who validates the candidate's knowledge of the boat license in Marseille as they go along.

How to register for the coastal boating license in Marseille ?
- You must fill in the registration form available on this page : registration form
- You must submit this complete file at least 15 days before the exam date (if available from the administration)

What is the program of the coastal boat license in Marseille ?
The theoretical program includes :
- The rules of the helm, that is to say the rules of maneuvering that apply on the sea
- Day and night buoyage (regions A and B) as well as beach buoyage
- Vessel lights and marks to recognize other vessels according to their characteristics
- Sound signals to indicate manoeuvring intentions to other vessels
- Sound signals in foggy weather
- Signals to use in case of distress
- Weather signals
- Harbour entrance signals
- Safety rules for water skiing
- Protection of the environment
- The weather: where to get it, the Beaufort scale, the usual terms.
- The equipment and safety of pleasure boats as well as the administrative documents to have on board
- The organization of rescue at sea
- The main symbols of the marine chart
- Basic notions on the VHF
- The essential mechanical notions (the checks to be done before setting sail, the parameters to be monitored during the crossing, the proper use of an engine).
The practical program, 2 hours of actual driving per candidate on board the school boat and one hour and a half in the classroom:

- Ensure the safety of the crew
- Decide whether or not to go out
- Put on a life jacket
- Put the engine in service and start it after the necessary checks.
- Maneuver on a course at different speeds.
- Break its way by using the reverse gear while underway
- Maneuver to recover a man overboard
- Take a dead body buoy
- Follow a compass course and a line formed by two landmarks
- Simulate the use of a distress flare and other safety equipment and know how to use them properly.
- Simulate the use of a fire extinguisher
- Docking, mooring
- Prepare the mooring and tie up the boat
- Anchor, check that the anchor is secure, take into account the turning radius
- Turn around between two breakdowns
- Go backwards over a long distance
- Determine the risk of collision
- Determine the wind and current direction
Documents to be provided:

- A recent passport photograph;
- A photocopy of the front of your identity card;
- The application form for the coastal license here;
- The certificate of physical fitness here;
- A 38€ tax stamp (registration fee), available online here;
- A tax stamp at 70€ (delivery of the title available online here;

For any additional information or registration request, please visit: http://www.enf-marseille.fr/index.html