Boat license

The practical program, 2 hours of actual driving per candidate on board the school boat and one hour and a half in the classroom:

- Ensure the safety of the crew
- Decide whether or not to go out
- Put on a life jacket
- Put the engine in service and start it after the necessary checks.
- Maneuver on a course at different speeds.
- Break its way by using the reverse gear while underway
- Maneuver to recover a man overboard
- Take a dead body buoy
- Follow a compass course and a line formed by two landmarks
- Simulate the use of a distress flare and other safety equipment and know how to use them properly.
- Simulate the use of a fire extinguisher
- Docking, mooring
- Prepare the mooring and tie up the boat
- Anchor, check that the anchor is secure, take into account the turning radius
- Turn around between two breakdowns
- Go backwards over a long distance
- Determine the risk of collision
- Determine the wind and current direction
Documents to be provided:

- A recent passport photograph;
- A photocopy of the front of your identity card;
- The application form for the coastal license here;
- The certificate of physical fitness here;
- A 38€ tax stamp (registration fee), available online here;
- A tax stamp at 70€ (delivery of the title available online here;

For any additional information or registration request, please visit: