Les Nauticales

Come visit us at Les Nauticales!

Zeboat is SeaDek's sole retailer in Marseille. Equip your boats with a wide range of non-slip, innovative and customisable floor coverings.

Seadek has teamed up with Zeboat, a one-stop shop in Marseille, to offer you a wide and varied range of
a wide and varied range of equipment to fit out and personalise your boat!

Why choose Seadek?

SeaDek is changing the game when it comes to boat flooring. Its non-slip
non-slip floor coverings are suitable for all boats, guaranteeing maximum comfort and a
comfort and noise reduction.

We design materials that resist skidding, even on the roughest seas.
rough seas. Enjoy stable traction and shock absorption all year round.

Seadek experts have created a fully customised kit with easy installation that will
dress up your boat.

Personalise your trip the way you want. Choose from a range of
colours, thicknesses and patterns for a unique journey every time you sail.

Find us now at 23 quai Rive Neuve in Marseille in the Zeboat shop!